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How Much Does A Teeth Implant Cost?

Dental implants offer the opportunity to replace lost or missing teeth permanently but just how much does a teeth implant cost in Australia? It’s useful to consider dental implants as a treatment rather than a replacement product, so we’re going to investigate how the cost of implants is calculated and what you can expect to pay for treatment.



What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small metal screw that is surgically embedded into your upper or lower jaw. It provides an anchor for the metal post and crown and functions as tooth roots.

Your treatment will start before the placement of the dental implant, and extend past it being placed, and you can expect an engagement of up to 18 months with your dental practitioner, depending on your personal circumstances. Click this link to learn more.


How is the Price of Dental Implant Calculated?


How many teeth do you need to replace?

If you are missing a single tooth, one dental implant will be sufficient, but if you are missing multiple teeth you may need to consider the all-on-4 treatment, which can replace an entire arch of teeth, making use of just four dental implants.


Do you need a bone graft or sinus lift?

It’s important to note that not everyone who wants to replace a tooth with a dental implant needs a bone graft. A bone graft is typically required when your tooth has been missing for some time, and you have experienced some degree of bone loss in your jaw. A dentist that offers consultation can assess your jaw bone and determine if a graft is needed.

Having a bone graft will add to the total cost of your dental implant procedure, but its exact cost will depend on whether you need a minor or major graft. It is possible for minor grafts to be performed just before having the implant placed. If you need a major bone graft you will be booked in for a separate procedure and will need to go through a period of healing before your dental practitioner will be able to place your dental implant.


Where will you be having your procedure?

Dental practitioner rates differ between major cities, and also between cities and rural areas. Usually, cities with a higher concentration of dental practitioners charge lower rates, because there is more competition.


what is the average cost of a dental implant dental implant cost burwoodYour dental consultation

You will need a thorough dental consultation prior to having a dental implant.

This is so that your dentist can establish if there is any bone loss and plan for your procedure.

Your dentist will take x-rays and digital photographs to gauge the size and shape of your teeth and jaw.


Cost Variations of Dental Implants in Individual Treatment Plans

The cost of your dental implant is just a fraction of the overall total amount you will be presented with. Your treatment estimate will be based on your individual treatment plan and will factor in the stages that need to be followed in order to replace your missing tooth. It will also take into account the number of times you will visit your dentist for follow up treatments.


What Is The Average Cost Of A Dental Implant

We’ve done some online research to give you a ballpark idea of what you can expect to pay for a dental implant.

According to smile.com.au’s results from their national dental fee survey in 2017, a single dental implant treatment can cost between $3000 and $6500 per tooth. This is for a straightforward placement. In the event that you need a bone graft or sinus lift, you can expect to pay up to $11 500 per tooth.

Similarly, finder.com.au says you can expect to budget between $3000 and $7000 for a single dental implant. All-on-4 dental treatments cost in the region of $15000 to $30000 per treatment. It’s best to book a consultation at your local dental clinic to discuss the costs for your individualised treatment plan.


Dental Implants – Is It Worth The Cost?

Medicare typically does not cover the cost of implants, while people with private health insurance would need a high level of extras cover to be able to claim for their procedures. That means that most people need to pay for their dental implants out-of-pocket.

When you compare the effectiveness and lifespan of a dental implant, and factor in the fact that it is very low maintenance, a dental implant can outperform and outlast other types of tooth replacements.

With proper care, you can expect your dental implant to last for the rest of your lifetime, when it is planned placed and looked after by a suitably qualified and experienced dental practitioner.

If you are ready for a permanent solution to lost teeth, dental implants could be the solution for you.

Have questions about dental implant cost and affordability? Book a consultation at your local dental clinic. We’d love to help. Call for an appointment: (02) 8203 8760.



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