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Having dental implants allows patients with lost or missing teeth to replace them in the most natural and permanent way possible. Tooth implants are strong and durable, and may last for the rest of your lifetime with good dental care. Let’s take a closer look at how dental implants are done.


I Have Lost A Tooth – What Options Do I Have?

Dental implants are one tooth replacement option available if you are missing teeth. Alternatives to tooth implants include dentures and dental bridges.

If you have lost a single tooth you may be able to replace it with a single dental implant.

If you are missing multiple teeth, your dentist may consider the all-on-4 implant, whereby only four implants need to be used to replace an entire row of missing teeth.


How Do I Know If A Dental Implant Is Suitable For Me?

It is important that you have healthy gums in order to support a dental implant. Your facial structure also needs to be fully developed, to move forward with dental implant treatment. A consultation at your local dental clinic will help your dentist determine what’s needed for your case.


How Much Does A Dental Implant Cost?

Your dental implant is best considered as a treatment, as opposed to a product – which means that there isn’t a “one size fits all” dental implant cost that will give you a price estimate.

The cost of your dental implant treatment is variable and dependant on a number of factors that are unique to your case. The good news is, that despite implants being expensive years ago, their cost is becoming more affordable.

To give you an estimate of a typical dental implant cost, we’ve done a bit of research. Remember that your quotation could be more or less than the figures below.

According to figures published on Finder.com.au, the cost of single dental implant ranges between $3000 and $7000 per tooth for a straightforward procedure in more complex cases (such as where bone graft surgery or a sinus lift may be required, you can expect to pay a higher figure. Finder.com.au says that the cost of the all-on-4 dental treatment will cost in the region of $15000 to $30000.

dental implants how they done


What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?



Unlike dentures, which can be removed for cleaning, dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement that bears the closest resemblance to your natural teeth.

Tooth implants also last much longer than dentures and dental bridges. Furthermore, implants do not compromise your healthy teeth in any way, unlike dental bridges. With proper care, high quality implants that are performed by a suitably qualified and experienced dental practitioner may last for the rest of your lifetime.


Eat and smile with confidence

Many patients have had uncomfortable experiences with ill-fitting dentures that shift around when they speak or eat. Patients who have dental implants find them much more natural and see an improvement in their sense of self confidence.

Patients are also pleased to find that they don’t need to make any major changes to their diet or lifestyle, and that there are no food restrictions to beware of.


Prevent bone loss

Tooth implants replace a missing tooth at the roots, which is important to prevent further bone loss from occurring.


How Dental Implants Are Done


Dental implant assessment

Your dental implant procedure will begin with a consultation with a dentist who will thoroughly assess your mouth and teeth with x-rays and digital photographs. Your dental practitioner will check whether you have any bone loss and discuss your tooth replacement options with you. Then you will be presented with a treatment plan and costing, which could take up to 18 months to complete.


Bone grafting 

If you need a bone graft, this will probably be the first step of your dental implant procedure. If you need a major graft, you may need to book a separate procedure; if you are having a minor bone graft it may be possible to perform it before your implant is placed.


Placing the implant

Once you have healed (which may take a few months), you will return and your dentist will drill a hole for the implant to be screwed into. Once again, you will wait out a healing period, a period known as osseo-integration, to ensure your implant is secure enough.


Placing the abutment and dental crown

When your implant has integrated with your jaw, your dentist will place the abutment and a temporary crown. After this final healing period is complete, you may return for your final crown.


Still have questions about dental implants? It’s best to get advice first hand. Please contact us for a consultation: (02) 8203 8760.

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