Dental Implants

At Good Choice Dental in Burwood we use computer-guided and conventional implants as a natural replacement for missing teeth. If you’re looking for an experienced Burwood dentist for your dental implant placement, don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment!

Missing Teeth Replacement with Dental Implants in Burwood

If you have a single missing tooth, or numerous missing teeth in your mouth, then you should consider dental implants. Burwood patients can get a professional consultation for what is considered the best replacement for natural teeth by dental surgeons all over the world, at Good Choice Dental.

A dental implant surgery may sound invasive and scary, but it offers countless benefits for your long term oral health and functionality.

An introduction to dental implants

Dental implants mimic the morphology of natural teeth, from the crown to the root – except with perhaps, stronger materials. Fabricated using titanium, these screw-like artificial teeth can completely restore your ability to chew, bite, and eat whatever you fancy after you’ve lost your natural teeth.

Dental implants at Burwood-based Good Choice Dental have given many patients new reasons to smile. We trust only the finest, most established names in the industry, most prominently DIO and MIS. These have been clinically proven to have greater success rates.

The dental implant process

Dental implant surgery in Burwood involves the placement of the screw portion of the artificial tooth deep into the jaw bone, underneath the gum.

Here, once it fuses with the surrounding bone, it acts as an anchor for the crown, and the complete fixture as a whole. Once the threads of the implant become integrated with the cells of the bone, it’s fitted with a porcelain crown that looks, feels, and functions exactly like a natural tooth in the oral cavity. Because the procedure is invasive, we offer different sedation options suited for the individual needs of our patients.

Benefits of Implants for Oral health

There are countless reasons why dental implant surgery is considered the best method of missing teeth replacement, over bridges and dentures. A few of the most prominent ones include:

  • Complete restoration of aesthetics and function
  • Outstanding strength and resilience – cannot be fractured by masticatory forces
  • Strengthen the jaw bone and prevent it from degenerating
  • Immovable and un-removable
  • Non-toxic, biocompatible and non-irritant to soft tissues
  • Dental implants can be placed in low bone density areas with the help of bone graft surgery
  • Prevents loosening of facial muscles
  • Dental implants prevent unwanted movement of teeth, which happens when there are empty sockets in the oral cavity

Dental implant retained Dentures

If you’re tired of complete dentures moving out of place in your mouth all the time, we have the perfect solution. Our all-on-four® or all-on-six Burwood dental implant surgery for retaining dentures help patients who have no teeth in their mouth get complete dental and cosmetic rehabilitation. With anchors that go deep into the bone, the dentures stay fixed in place when you smile, speak, or chew your food. It’s goodbye to denture adhesives, and hello to a spectacular new smile!

If you’re the kind of person who does not like compromising on quality, especially when it comes to oral health, then you’re an ideal candidate for our dental implants in Burwood. Give us a call today on (02) 8203 8760 to book your appointment.