Kids Dentistry

Kids often get intimidated by dental clinics and professionals – here at Good Choice however, we do things differently. Each visit is a fun, interactive learning experience for our youngest patients and so they willingly keep coming back to us appointment after appointment!

Burwood Kids’ Dentistry: Full Range of Dental Treatments for Your Younger Ones

Paediatric dental health is crucial to children’s overall health. This means that general dental care is important to keeping your child healthy. Burwood families trust Good Choice Dental to keep their kids’ smiles healthy.

Are you interested in qualified kids’ dentistry in Burwood, Sydney for your family?

Good Choice Dental is a team of dentists who are passionate about preserving healthy smiles in our youngest patients, the next generation of Burwood residents. We are members of the Australian Dental Association (ADA), and each dentist at our clinic uses the best German dental equipment we can source. For quality kids’ dentistry in Burwood, isn’t it about time you chose Good Choice Dental?

Let’s take a look at the children’s dental services we offer:

Dentistry for Kids at Good Choice Dental

Kids’ teeth need regular cleanings to prevent cavities, gingivitis and tartar buildup. Schedule a dental clean in Burwood for your child at least once every six months.

Sometimes, due to tooth decay or trauma, kids experience damage to their permanent or baby teeth. At Good Choice Dental, your dentist will recommend an appropriate treatment that can help restore comfort and function to your kids’ teeth.

Sealing permanent molars as soon as they arrive is an effective way to prevent tooth decay in kids’ teeth. Our Burwood dentist will explain how.

If your child is at high risk for tooth decay, their smile may benefit from the professional fluoride applications we offer here at Good Choice Dental in Burwood.

Children don’t usually need x-rays often. When your Burwood dentist does recommend x-rays for your child, these images will facilitate an accurate diagnosis and help us plan safe procedures.

We teach kids how to clean their own teeth and can also offer you helpful tips on how to care for their smiles as a Burwood parent.

Looking for Kids’ Dentistry in Burwood? Call the Family Dentists at Good Choice Dental

Our team is dedicated to offering quality dental care to the Burwood community. Between our multicultural dentists, we speak three languages: English, Korean and Chinese. We love how our diversity enables us to connect with many Burwood families and meet their oral health care needs.

We provide general dentistry for kids from all over Ashfield, Concord, Hornsby, Blacktown and Sydney, in addition to Burwood. If you live in the Burwood area, call our dental centre to meet with a skilled and friendly dentist.

Choose Good Choice Dental where our gentle and skilled dentists will put your kids at ease and work with you to improve your child’s oral health. We would love to see each Burwood kid have a comfortable and healthy smile they’re proud to show off! That’s why we practice only high quality kids’ dentistry at our clinic.

We are currently accepting new patients, and we would be happy to meet with your family at our Burwood NSW clinic, to discuss how we can best service all your kids’ dental needs.

Call us today on (02) 8203 8760 to schedule your appointment with a Burwood family dentist.