Oral Surgery

Good Choice isn’t just another Burwood dentist in Sydney. It is a complete oral and maxillofacial surgery facility. We have advanced and sophisticated equipment from Germany, along with highly experienced dentists to help you or your family when you need it most!

Reliable and Comfortable Burwood Oral Surgery

We understand that for patients in Burwood, oral surgery probably sounds like scary business. But there are some cases where it becomes inevitable, and the only option you’re left with. For such situations, you can always trust the team at Good Choice Dental to help you leave all your anxiety behind. We offer excellent sedation dentistry options to relax you while you’re in the dental chair as we treat you.

Extractions and bone graft surgeries will feel like a breeze when you’re being treated by the caring hands of our skilled team.

Dental extraction surgery

There are a number of reasons why natural teeth  may need to be removed from the mouth in Burwood. These include:

  • Destruction by tooth decay
  • Creating space for orthodontic treatments
  • Impaction of third molars, or wisdom teeth
  • Vertically fractured teeth
  • Bone diseases
  • Advanced stage gingival disease
  • Failed root canal treatments

Equipped with extensive experience, and the finest German technology, our dentists carry out most extractions almost effortlessly. In Burwood, oral surgery is performed after administering anaesthesia. We have a number of sedation options that help ensure a comfortable, stress-free experience for patients.

Burwood bone graft surgery

Bone graft surgeries are performed when there is inadequate bone in the jaw for dental implant placement. The success of an implant surgery depends upon the fusion that takes place between the cells of the surrounding jaw bone, and the surface of the implant screw. If this integration does not happen, the implant fixture is most likely to move, and eventually become loose in the mouth.

Often, patients visit the clinic for implants years after they lost their natural tooth, which they wish to replace. In the absence of roots to support it, the bone degenerates and becomes thin. Implants cannot immediately be placed in such compromised conditions. For this purpose, we take natural or artificial bone material and graft it into the jaw bone, thus allowing it to regain its density. This bone graft oral surgery is a prerequisite for dental implants in case of insufficient bone density, and plays a vital role in the success of the treatment.

If you’re eager to learn more about bone graft procedures, or simply wish to get a tooth pulled out, you can get in touch with our Burwood oral surgery department at Good Choice Dental. We promise you’ll have a positive experience every time you visit! Give us a call on (02) 8203 8760 today!