Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Burwood – Say Hello to a Beautiful New Smile!

Who says only celebrities can have the most stunning and flawless smiles? With porcelain veneers, Burwood patients can also smile like superstars! At Good Choice Dental, we use the finest materials to fabricate laminates that look and feel completely natural. With advanced German technology, we can give you that smile makeover sooner than you had expected it!

Competitive pricing, top quality, efficient services – does that sound too good to be true? Book your appointment today to find out.

A beginner’s guide to veneers

Veneers, often called laminates, are wafer-thin porcelain shells, custom-made to fit over the teeth to hide any dental irregularities that compromise the aesthetics of the smile. They’re bonded on to the front surfaces of the teeth and give a totally natural look. In Burwood, porcelain veneers are recommended for teeth that are:

  • Stained or discoloured
  • Showing visible signs of wear
  • Cracked or chipped at the margins or edges
  • Uneven in terms of shape and size – or lack uniformity in general
  • Previously restored using silver material
  • Separated with unsightly gaps, or diastemas

These are some of the issues that may keep people from smiling openly when they’re in company; But our team of cosmetic dentists at Good Choice are here to change that for you.

The veneering procedure

When you book your appointment for porcelain veneers in Burwood, here’s what you can expect.

First, a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth and gums will be carried out to evaluate your dental and gingival health. Our dentists will give you a brief regarding the procedures and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Next, the teeth are trimmed down in order to make room for the laminates. This may cause some sensitivity, therefore we use local anaesthesia prior to tooth preparation.

When the ideal shape and size of the teeth has been achieved, an impression will be taken to record the fine details of your oral tissues. This impression is then sent to our dental laboratory in Burwood. Porcelain veneers may take a week or two to be fabricated.

When you return for your second and final appointment, our Burwood dentist will fix these beautiful, pearly white shells on your teeth with a strong cementing agent and just like that, you’re ready to flaunt a dazzling new smile!

Partial Dentures at Good Choice Dental Burwood

Partial Dentures are removable prostheses, custom fabricated for patients for have several missing teeth in the upper or lower arches of their mouth. These remain fixed in position with the help of very discreet, very small metal clips. Unlike dental bridges, a partial denture does not require any tooth preparation. Our dentists will take an impression and send it to the laboratory, so you can get your partial dentures in Burwood the next time you visit us!

Care and Maintenance of Veneers

It’s possible to make veneers last in your mouth for years at a stretch, just by making a few easy changes in your everyday life. Simply steer clear of biting or chewing on hard food, such as nuts and hard candy, because they can fracture the fine porcelain veneers. You must also maintain excellent oral hygiene at home to prevent any gingival infections.

Do you want to hide your dental flaws with porcelain veneers? Burwood patients can now book an appointment for the most sought-after cosmetic treatment at Good Choice Dental. If you have any questions, simply call (02) 8203 8760 to get in touch with our team today!