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Advances in modern Implantology mean that you do not have to resort to teeth implants in Thailand to benefit from permanent tooth replacement.  Modern implants are built to last a lifetime, and crafted from robust titanium to ensure they provide the same functionality and bite force as your natural teeth but, in order to get the full lifespan from your dental implant, it really makes sense to schedule a consultation with your local dentist.

Having teeth implants in Thailand carries so much risk, the risk of what could go wrong. One of your dentist’s roles is to follow the medical standards of the health regulators to minimise any risks during surgery. That risk increases exponentially when you travel outside of local borders for the treatment because there are so many variables that are arguably beyond your control.

Things like…

Infection control standards

The standards for dental hygiene are not the same in Thailand as they are in Sydney. It’s best to book a consultation at your local dental clinic to address all your concerns.


Training and experience of dental practitioners

Local dentists and implantologists undergo different training and certification processes.

Choice of dental implant brands

Some brands are not as easily available or may not be around in years to come when you might need replacement parts.


Choice of dental implant procedure

A Thai dental practitioner may opt for immediate loading if you are visiting Thailand for a short visit, simply because of logistics, when this may not be the best long term option for you.


… may be things you take for granted in Australia because they are available locally, but that might not be the case in Thailand.

It pays to invest in one dental implant procedure in Sydney, with a reputable dental practitioner you can trust, communicate with, and enjoy post-surgical care from rather than to take the risk of needing to redo the procedure in the future if you have your dental surgery in Thailand.


Still have questions about teeth implants in Thailand? It’s always best to schedule a consultation at your local dental clinic to speak to a professional. Contact us for an appointment: (02) 8203 8760.

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