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Investigating your teeth straightening options is not just a matter of aesthetics or cosmetics, it’s also very much a matter of dental hygiene. You see, it doesn’t matter at what age you decide to straighten your teeth, you always have options for teeth straightening.


Teeth Straightening Options For Teenagers

Teenagers and adolescents who need orthodontic treatment must wait for all their adult teeth to emerge first. In the majority of cases, traditional metal braces are the most effective and affordable teeth straightening option and can be used to straighten crooked teeth and to correct problems with the bite. Each patient’s treatment plan will detail how long the orthodontics should be worn for.

Teeth Straightening Options For Adults

Thanks to the emergence of clear aligners there are more adults than ever undergoing teeth straightening today.

Clear aligners and even lingual and ceramic braces have combined the benefits of teeth straightening with the discretion of transparency to make teeth straightening possible no matter your age.


teeth straightening options

Clear aligners are transparent teeth straightening options that fit over the front of your teeth, while lingual braces are fitted to the back-side of your teeth. It’s important to finish your orthodontic treatment by wearing a retainer at night, to ensure your teeth stay in the correct position. 


The Benefits Of Teeth Straightening

Not only does teeth straightening enhance your smile and create more facial symmetry, but it also makes your teeth easier to clean and less susceptible to decay. Many patients delay treatment because they consider it a vanity purchase, however, there is an even greater case for dental health because of orthodontic treatment.

Having straighter teeth also makes you more confident and smile more often. 

Would you like to feel more confident in your day-to-day encounters? Then it’s time to investigate your teeth straightening options. Please contact our practice for a professional opinion and consultation: (02) 8203 8760.


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