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Thanks to a wide variety of whitening products on today’s market, consumers do not need to resort to teeth whitening Bali for a brighter smile. In fact, it has never been easier to access safe, high quality teeth whitening treatments – and we’re going to tell you exactly why you don’t need to resort to dental tourism to get the smile you want at a price you can afford.


The Case For Dental Tourism – Years Ago

One could argue that many years ago, there was a limited amount of affordable cosmetic dentistry products available and what was available was novel for the time. Fast forward to 2020 and cosmetic dentistry has evolved significantly in terms of safety standards and general quality assurance.

But by today’s standards of the selfie generation, and lifestyles that ensure every moment is captured on camera, consumers have become more conscious of their smiles and have sought out teeth whitening treatments to make them look younger and feel more confident. That means, there are plenty of affordable teeth whitening options available right here in Australia so there really is no need to go abroad.

But, in the event that you did decide to travel to a more exotic place – like Bali – for teeth whitening, what would your risks be?


Would You Combine A Holiday With A Dental Treatment?

Holiday times should be for relaxing and unwinding but by scheduling a dental treatment, you’re distracting yourself from letting go and actually having a vacation. We say the two exercises should be kept separate, and Bali should be explored at a time when you can appreciate it fully.


Language Differences Mean Challenges in Communicating

If you only speak English you may encounter some communication challenges consulting a Balinese dental practitioner. Your smile isn’t worth taking a miscommunication risk over – when you could very easily communicate your wishes to your local dentist who would understand every word.

You Do Get What You Pay For

You may perceive a teeth whitening treatment to cost more in Australia but what you are actually paying for extends beyond the procedure, and is a lot more in terms of safety, infection control and hygiene standards. In Australia, only registered dental and medical practitioners may administer teeth whitening treatments that contain more than 6% hydrogen peroxide, for the safety of the patient. This is to combat any potential misuse of the whitening products. 

Once you leave Australia and go elsewhere, if that practitioner does not follow rules and regulations, you have very little protection.

If a procedure is markedly cheaper, you do need to ask why. Where is a compromise being made – or what level of service is being omitted?

Remember that you should always have a consultation with your dental practitioner prior to any whitening treatment. This is to ensure that your teeth and gums are in a generally healthy state, that your teeth enamel does not have any cracks or weaknesses and that your teeth are free of decay.


What Risks Are Associated With Incorrect Use Of Whitening Products?

The most common misuses of teeth whitening products usually involve leaving the bleaching agent on for too long or using it too often. The biggest risk of doing either of these things is causing damage to your tooth enamel.

At Good Choice Dental we make use of teeth whitening brands that can bleach the teeth safely. This means that they must protect the tooth enamel and remineralise as they whiten. This is important, because the most effective whitening treatments are those that can penetrate the enamel of the teeth, to bleach the discoloured dentin.


What Happens If You Aren’t Satisfied With Your Whitening Treatment?

If you have teeth whitening in Australia and are not satisfied with the outcome, there are steps you can take to remedy the problem. When you have travelled to a location like Bali, it makes it extremely difficult to liaise with the dentist – and ironically, if you did opt for teeth whitening in Balli to save costs, you can probably expect to pay more to correct the mistake.


Develop A Long Term Relationship With Your Dentist

It helps to have a dental practitioner to turn to for advice – and this is so much easier when your dentist is locally based.

Don’t compromise on your whitening treatment. Rather do it right the first time. Still wondering whether teeth whitening in Bali could save you some money? Rather speak to a professional first. Please contact us for a convenient appointment: (02) 8203 8760.

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