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If you’re considering teeth whitening in Phuket it’s highly likely that you haven’t yet familiarised yourself with the latest in whitening technology. Years ago whitening treatments were more expensive and more time-consuming and it made sense for patients to travel to places like Phuket Thailand for their treatment. Today however, there are so many more options available in Australia that you really don’t have to consider dental tourism for a whiter smile. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.


In-chair whitening is really quick and convenient

Having your teeth whitening treatment done by your dental practitioner in his or her office is so quick, many patients find they can fit it in during their lunch hour. With whitening technology able to whiten teeth up to eight shades lighter in just one session, it is so much easier to go somewhere local for your treatment.


You can now do teeth whitening yourself

While we don’t advocate that you try the whitening kits that are available at pharmacies and over-the-counter because they are ineffective and may damage your tooth enamel, it is possible to get a take-home kit that is dentist-approved, which does a really good job. If you do decide that you would prefer to do your teeth whitening from the comfort of your own home you can get professional-strength whitening gel to use for a few hours a day or overnight.

This at-home approach to teeth whitening does take a little longer than chair-side whitening but it is safe and effective – and much more convenient than traveling to Phuket Thailand for a treatment.


Laws and legislation are vastly different for teeth whitening in Australia

It is important to put things into context and to understand that in Australia you have consumer protection legislation on your side. 

This means that currently you are not permitted to make use of any whitening treatments containing more than 6% hydrogen peroxide unless under the guidance of your dentist.

The reason for this is due to abuse of products by consumers who were using teeth whitening products for too long or for longer than advised by their dentists, causing damage to their teeth. If you were to travel abroad to places like Phuket Thailand you would not have this protective legislature in place and would run the risk of doing long term damage to your teeth and dental enamel. 


It’s always best to work under the guidance of your dental practitioner

It is ideal to build  up a relationship with your dentist in order to make the best long term decisions for your dental health. This means it is best for your dental practitioner to clean your teeth professionally, and inspect your teeth for signs of damage, decay and gum disease before any cosmetic processes are undertaken. Remember also that veneers and crowns will not respond to teeth whitening procedures, as well as teeth that have been stained or discoloured through the continued use of certain medications. Your dentist should take a full medical history before moving forward with any whitening treatment.

Not everyone may be a candidate for whitening treatments and having a history with a dental professional puts you in a much more advantageous position than if you were working with a dentist for the first time.


Get the best quality dental care available

Practical matters such as language barriers and laws governing dental procedures are important to take cognisance of before you jet off to places like Phuket Thailand for teeth whitening. It’s very difficult to get a high standard of care when you have travel plans, language differences and time constraints working against you, not to mention having to find your way around a new country.

It’s best to have an initial consultation and discussion with your dentist and think about your options before you move ahead with any kind of dental treatment. It’s an even better idea to get a second opinion when you can, and this may not be practically possible if you have opted to have teeth whitening in Phuket over a treatment in Australia.


What If Things Go Wrong?

It might not be pleasant to think about the flipside but you do need to be realistic and consider what you would do if things did go wrong if you were in Phuket Thailand. The cost and inconvenience of rectifying a problem would outweigh any savings you may have been able to make and in some cases the damage may be irreparable. 


Think carefully before you elect to have a teeth whitening in Phuket procedure, and consult a professional for advice. Please contact us first: (02) 8203 8760.

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